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Aubree Oliverson performs for Ray Chen

Aubree performs for Ray Chen

Aubree Oliverson performed for renown violinist Ray Chen at the Colburn school this week.  All were impressed with the performance, and Mr. Chen was a great host.

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Florida Keys

Rising Stars Concert in the Florida Keys

Aubree Oliverson performed two nights in the Florida Keys for the Florida Keys Concert Association, as part of their “Rising Stars” concert.  Friends from Presidential Scholars and the Aspen Music Festival participated as well–both evening’s performances were packed, and social media of attendees carried many messages describing the unforgettable world class evenings of music set […]

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A Moon Light Concert

Davis Arts Council #1 Show!

When 2016 patrons and guest of the Davis Arts Council Concert Series were surveyed “Who would you most like to see in 2017?”  Moon Light was the number one response.  High praise from Utah’s top Arts Council!  In response to the survey, Aubree Oliverson and family (Moon Light) gave a spectacular concert to standing ovation […]

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Aubree Oliverson Performs Wieniawski

A New YouTube Video on the Moonlightperformers Channel!

Visit the Moonlightperformers YouTube channel and hear an astounding rendition of Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto No. 2 (3rd mvt) from this past Thanksgiving.  With the Pasadena Orchestra, Aubree Oliverson gave an unforgettable performance to rousing standing ovations!  When you visit Moonlightperformers please subscribe and you will get automatic notification about future video uploads.

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The Oliverson Family in Concert - Christmas 2016

A Week Of Moon Light Christmas Concerts!

Moon Light gave concerts daily leading up to a final concert on Christmas day.  All concerts to standing ovations and with deep feelings and many tears.  Comments on social media included: “My family was mesmerized!”   “Best Christmas program we have seen”   “What a talented family–love Moon Light” Thank you!!

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Aubree Oliverson performs with Los Angeles Opera's Matt Aucoin

Aubree shines at Zipper!

Aubree Oliverson performed the difficult and mesmerizing  “Orphic Moment’, which was written and conducted by the LA Opera’s Matthew Aucoin.  Aubree’s rendition of this ultra modern piece of music in Zipper Hall, at the Colburn School, was “defining, beautiful, and impeccable.”

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Aubree Oliverson - Performs Wieniawski with the Pasadena Orchestra November 2016

Highly Acclaimed Performance in Pasadena

Aubree Oliverson performed in November–the Wieniawski Violin Concerto No. 2 with the Pasadena Orchestra to rave reviews and standing ovation.  We hope to post some video of this performance on the Moonlightperformers YouTube Channel!

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East Doors Open - Aubree Oliverson, Stephen Oilverson

New Moon Light Video!

Aubree and Stephen’s epic piece “East Doors Open” is set to a touching video from the biblical story of the Prodigal Son.  This piece has significant meaning for Stephen as he began composing this piece in a Minnesota Hotel as Aubree was attending her first Suzuki Orchestra of the America’s.  Aubree was just nine years […]

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Aubree Oliverson, Stephen Oliverson - National Title I Convention

Stephen and Aubree Oliverson to Speak and Perform at National Convention

Aubree and Stephen have been invited to be featured speakers at the National Title I Education Convention in Long Beach in 2017.  Stephen, besides being an award-winning composer and performer, is also a National Distinguished Principal.  The attendees in the Ballroom will not not only hear motivational thought and insight for educators on all levels, […]

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Aubree Oliverson Wins 2016 Hennings-Fischer Young Artist Competition!

2016 Hennings-Fischer Young Artist Competition winners announced! First place winner Aubree Oliverson, Violin.  The competition was judged by Barry Brisk Fung Ho, Mark Artusio, Larry Lippold and Mike Stanley.  Aubree will perform with the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra–date TBA.

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